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We have one goal

And that is to make you enjoy your yacht the best

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The main goal of Jetten Shipyard is to provide clients an optimal sailing experience, a superior level of finish and the knowledge that their yacht was built by experts who combine traditional quality with the latest technologies. The yard has extensive experience in bespoke yacht building and applies the most stringent requirements for the final product. This way, owners can be sure of the highest safety and the best possible performance.


By blending the efficiency of the yard’s series & custom building activities with innovation and development, Jetten Shipyard offers exceptionally fast through-put times, while maintaining a clear focus on the issues that matter most, such as speed, fuel consumption and range. Jetten Yachting will meet all requirements and build your dream yacht to the highest standards.


Our mission

We at Jetten Shipyard basically have a sole objective, and that is to let you enjoy our vessels to the full. You can benefit from top quality, a high level of finishing and the knowledge that your motor yacht was built by skilled tradesmen who are capable of combining traditional quality with the very latest technologies. And this goes hand in hand with the guarantee of many years of sailing convenience. That is our mission.

the vision

exceed customer expectations

By continuing to develop and innovate, Jetten Shipyard has remained a trendsetter in the field of innovation in the international steel and aluminum yacht building industry for a number of years. Its decision to forge partnerships with experts in various disciplines, while maximize the effects of synergy between the columns of the business, has long enabled Jetten Shipyard to exceed customer expectations time after time in the area of possibilities, innovation, delivery periods and quality.