Jetten Shipyard was founded by Sander and Marcel Jetten in 1997.

In a workshop with a floor area measuring barely five square metres. Their aim was to operate as a subcontractor for the entire technical completion of motor yachts for other boatyards.

And within the space of two years, Jetten Shipyard became the Dutch market leader in this segment. Due to increasing complexity and CE regulations (implemented in 1995) technical systems became an increasingly vital part of the construction of a motor yacht. And Jetten Shipyard’s innovative working methods made it one of the few firms capable of carrying out construction in accordance with this new legislation. The implementation of these regulations revealed a niche in the market to the Jetten brothers, which they proceeded to fill highly successfully.

In 1998, a boatyard commissioned Jetten Shipyard to carry out the complete construction of a series of highly luxurious motor yachts, of which a total of five were ultimately built.

In 1999, we moved into newly built premises at Hendrik Bulthuisweg 6, as one of the first occupants of this industrial estate designed to accommodate water sports related businesses. These new premises also offered us the opportunity to carry out the completion of motor yachts in the water, while remaining under cover.

The year 2000 saw the market introduction of our own range of motor yachts, in lengths varying from 8 to 12 metres, while we continued to perform installation work under contract. These sturdy steel motor yachts combined a traditional look with ideal cruising characteristics, while they were fitted out with top-of-the-range equipment by our own subcontracting division. The launch of this range of models was prompted by both the pursuit of autonomous growth and the opportunities that Jetten Shipyard envisaged to construct complete vessels to superior and safer standards.

This move was based on the decision to adopt different production methods and resources, and it heralded the introduction of our modular construction method. The winning formula in this regard was as follows: not to try and do everything ourselves, but to forge partnerships with experts in the various disciplines. This established Jetten Shipyard as a ground-breaking and innovative firm, and at the same time a pioneer in the construction of small steel yachts.

This innovative construction method enabled Jetten Shipyard to build not only efficiently, but also swiftly and to a high quality standard. And this is confirmed by the current market in which these motor yachts are still highly popular, while we also know that the majority sold remain in the possession of their original owners.

In 2002, we purchased the neighbouring premises, thus doubling the floor area of the yard while acquiring additional space for offices and stores. Furthermore, the new boat lift installed at this stage enabled us to launch vessels ourselves.

In 2006, we began manufacturing a high-end seaworthy motor yacht with traditional design and styling, known as the Bommelaer. A sales successes soon after its introduction and nowadays considered an icon, this motor yacht’s authentic appearance was developed with a nod towards the commercial shipping trade. And the Bommelaer brand and attendant quality are already viewed as a statement.

In 2008, the yard moved to its current premises, which have four times the previous floor area and therefore offer scope for further growth and the production of larger motor yachts.

In 2009, Jetten Shipyard’s Custom Yachts division was founded. One of its first commissions was a 22 metre motor yacht for a leading Italian brand. Built according to the same formula as our own original range of yachts, this vessel was constructed in an all-time record period of just eight months, from keel laying to sea trials. The construction period achieved thanks to this innovative building process and modern technologies remains unsurpassed for this type of motor yacht, in fact. The key to success in this case also proved our partnership with experts in their own particular fields, while tight scheduling and management and modular construction methods enabled us to raise our impressive quality standards to an even higher level.

In 2010, the first Custom Yacht was exhibited at the Genoa Boat Show in Italy. It proved a great sensation, which immediately prompted a number of further orders.

In 2011, our yard complex was extended once more to include another three sheds, which were required to keep pace with both growth of the business and an increase in the length of vessels being built. The extension also included the construction of five boathouses, garages and a larger boat lift.

In 2012, our entire range of 9 to 14-metre motor yachts was updated and marketed under the ‘Jetten’ brand. These Jetten motor yachts are characterised by sleek panorama glazing and elegant lines, while their low fuel consumption and extremely low-noise engines render them truly unique. The drive for innovation prompted by the Custom series combined with the Bommelaer series’ high quality finishing and experience gained in the field of modular construction have rendered Jetten the leading range in the current Dutch steel yacht building market. This was endorsed by its nomination for European Powerboat of the Year in 2013, while it retained the title of European Powerboat of the Year at Europe’s largest yachting exhibition held in Dusseldorf in 2014.

In 2014, our entire range was updated and a fourth branch was added to the firm’s operations: the 50 MPC. Directly following its launch in September, the 50 MPC was nominated for the Powerboat of the Year Award 2015. Jetten Shipyard also introduced the 50 MPC-FLY as a global first at Boat Dusseldorf 2015. And the vessel already has a proven successful track record.