Working for Jetten Shipyard

Jetten Shipyard pays consideration to the best interests of not only its clients, but also the workforce. Many of our employees have been with us since the very day firm was founded. Furthermore, Jetten Shipyard provides in-house training and refresher courses, with a view to acquiring more in-depth knowledge. In addition, Jetten Shipyard is an official Level 4 apprenticeship firm, which implies that we have both regular apprenticeship places for budding tradespeople and vacancies for experts in the yacht building sector.

And Jetten Shipyard now also offers tradespeople the opportunity to attain an Intermediate or Higher Vocational Education certificate (MBO or HBO diploma) by means of an assessment, refresher course and/or examination. This is a particularly useful option for employees who already excel in their trade, but failed to complete their official training at some stage in the past.

If you are interested in a position or apprenticeship at Jetten Shipyard, then please contact us at the following email address: