Custom Built by Jetten

Custom Built by Jetten

Fulfil your dream and desires

Building a Custom yacht is a fascinating and beautiful process. The idea of sailing a yacht which is as unique as your fingerprint, isn’t that overwhelming? Jetten Shipyard is the proven specialist in building Custom yachts up to 25 meters. Our team can turn your wishes into reality like no other and will guide you perfectly in the process for realizing your own yacht.


‘’The sky is not the limit…we go beyond’’

Phase 1

Let’s talk Yachts

Although Jetten is used to custom build their series yachts to your demands, you may want to go further and wish a full custom yacht. You have your desires and dream but need a yard to fulfill these. Since 2008 we have been building full custom yachts, sometimes commissioned by an architect who leads the customer, sometimes commissioned by the customer directly to us. We always work with the best designers and naval architects and have a proven track record in building up to 25 meter.

The process starts with the first acquaintance. A visit to our shipyard in Sneek to get to know the products and your future team. During this meeting you can share all your thoughts and wishes with us.
the enthusiasm for yachts really vibrates at this yard
owner of 73' Custom Built yacht

Phase 2

Design & Contract phase

Together we will compile a pre-design and a design letter, in this letter all specifications and wishes are recorded. The experienced Jetten team will guide you throughout this matter, combine their knowledge with your wishes. We start a Tender phase, in which we select the best Designer and / or Naval Architect for your project. The choice of design is determined by means of their interpretation. We have a close cooperation with renowned Dutch Designers and Architects such as Cor D. Rover Design, Guido de Groot, Werner Yachtdesign, Van Oossanen and Vripack Naval Architects.

Now the dream of building your Custom Yacht is about to come true. The different steps in the construction process, as well as all the agreements, are recorded in a contract. In addition, a detailed planning is drawn up for the construction process.

Phase 3

Construction stage

During the construction stage, we will link you in the progress of the process. You will receive updates on a regular base and any uncertainties will be dealt with immediately. We love to welcome you at our yard to see your concept become reality.

Phase 4

Trials & Delivery

Extensive trial runs are crucial when building a Custom yacht. During this phase everything is tested in practice by our own captain, in order to optimize and to fine-tune your yacht. When your yacht has been fully tested, she is ready for her final step...

...Congratulations! You belong to a select group who enjoys a Custom Built By Jetten. From now on you can relish fantastic trips to the most beautiful destinations.
Getting to know your yacht, and finding out she fits like a glove is really spectacular!
owner of the 48' Custom Built yacht

Phase 5


We would like to keep ourselves involved in your travels. In this way we can support you in all aspects during this period. We cooperate with selected international partners to serve you anywhere around the world, as quick as possible. Our goal is for you to enjoy your Custom Built at all times!
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